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Build your employer profile and introduce your company to IT candidates.

Build your employer profile
and introduce your company
to IT candidates.

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Your benefits of having the Employer Profile

Build your image

Employer Profiles are the fundamental product for building a company's image.

Make yourself known

As many as 93.5% of our Users seek information about the company before sending their CV.


You'll gain an average of 2x more job ad views with an active Employer Profile.

You'll build the image of a top employer in the IT industry.


Be a leader

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Why is it worth building your brand image with Just Join IT?

We offer a wide range of employer branding products, including Top Companies, articles and interviews with companies, and video content. They will help you show candidates your company from the inside from the employees' perspective.

You present all your current job offers in one place.

Create a business card and make yourself found

You will create a unique business card that can be found by professionals looking for work, and your company will be noticed by candidates who are increasingly changing jobs. We are already trusted by more than 7,000 companies in the IT industry.

We are visited by over 500,000 IT industry specialists monthly.

We manage the largest IT industry community in Poland: 242,000 people in our Facebook groups.


Advertisement with your company logo

Interview with employees

Promotional posts

You will reach people with your Employer Profile who do not browse job listings on a daily basis. We use our user bases, community and content portals for this.

We will promote your Employer Profile on our social media channels - Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. We have the largest IT community in Poland.

We will publish an interview with your selected employee in our online magazine Just Geek IT. You control the narrative of how things work in your company.

Choose an advertising package to stand out in the job market

We will help you get even more visibility for your Employer Profile and reach a wider group of potential employees. With the advertising package we offer, you will get on average 4x more impressions of your Employer Profile.


Choose an advertising package to stand out in the job market


Otrzymasz od nas raport

ze wszystkich naszych działań

Dowiedz się więcej

abyś mógł dokładnie śledzić postępy i rezultaty


You will receive a report from us on all our activities

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so that you can closely follow the progress and results.

Present your company in an attractive way

We guarantee you great flexibility in the creation of your Employer Profile, posted content and full support in every phase of the process.

Short description and company profile

The information will be highlighted on a map showing all brands on Just Join IT.



Show where your offices are located.



The human face of the company, an essential part of Employer Branding. If you don't want to introduce individuals, you can allocate each item to present the different departments of your company.


Company history

Outline the company's history, values, culture and ongoing projects.


Photos from the company's life

Show what the culture of the organization looks like.


Active job offers

Current positions you are recruiting for.


Company profile


See what our clients are saying about the Employer Profile.

The Employer Profile is a fundamental tool for building our image. We can show candidates what kind of organization we are, what can be done here, and how to develop. The Employer Profile helps convey the atmosphere and climate prevailing in the company. We know well that job postings alone won't capture this.

Grzegorz Szołtysik


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Currently, the majority of our new technical employees are recruited through Just Join IT! This is undoubtedly influenced by the popularity of the portal, social media activity, but what I particularly appreciate as their client is simply the excellent offering ;) We've been using the Employer Profile basically from the beginning, and it was a good decision! We can present ourselves as a company, show what it's like to work here, what values we adhere to - allowing Candidates to get to know us better, and it's a great value.

Sara Wiesiołek

Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist


The Employer Profile is, in my opinion, a must-have for companies that care about providing candidates with the best possible recruitment experience. In job postings, we don't always have space to introduce the team, convey our values, or share what interesting things are happening in or outside the company. Thanks to the Employer Profile, we can visually showcase all these important aspects in an engaging way.

Paulina Brumer

Senior Recruitment Specialist


Thanks to the profile, we increase our credibility as an employer. We also present key differentiators for candidates to work at dmTECH in a much more understandable way.

Adam Piwek

Employer Branding Poland

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